Finca La Perla, Cajamarca Peru 12oz


In theory, Peru has had everything needed to grow amazing coffee since it was introduced to the country by Dutch traders in the late 1700s. High altitudes, heirloom typica and bourbon varieties, and ideal climate. But difficulties with transporting coffee from farms (many farms are as much as 4 hours travel from the nearest town) the absence of a large organization (such as in Colombia or Brazil) supporting production and lack of care with storage have made finding high-quality coffees from Peru difficult. But as our friends at Cafe Imports have put effort into assisting and education farms and finding the hidden gems in Peru, we've begun to come around to the possibility of great coffee coming out of the country. This microlot comes from grower Apolinar Arevalo and is a perfect example of the level of quality that can be found when all the right variables fall into place.

In the cup:
You'll taste juicy kiwi, pineapple, pomegranate juice, panela sugar and a long citrusy finish.

Country of Origin: Peru
Growing Region: Cajamarca
Cultivars: Yellow Caturra
Processing: washed
Grown at: 1900 masl