Namugo small holder farms, Papua New Guinea 12oz


Namugo is the word for rainforest in the local Okapa dialect in the eastern highlands, where this coffee is grown. The area is full of rolling hills and mountains, creating diverse micro-climates for growing high quality coffees. This particular coffee comes from a group of small-holding farmers who live off their land, growing food for their families and selling the small amounts of coffee they grow to mills as a cash crop. Even so, we continue to see the quality of coffees coming out of Papua New Guinea grow and this particular lot is a great example of what to look for in excellent PNG coffees.

In the cup:
You'll taste date and blackberry sweetness, mild green grape acidity and a big juicy body.

Country of Origin: Papua New Guina
Growing Region: Eastern Highlands
Cultivars: Typica, Arusha
Processing: washed
Grown at: 1400 - 1800 masl